Mining We are extremely familiar with both ASIC and GPU Solutions
Secure Storage Are you unsure how to store your assets securely? We will advise on best practices to store your digital assets in a secure yet accessible way.
Merchant Integration Are you a business that wants to accept crypto as a form of payment? Let's talk
Industrial Are you looking to deploy a large scale mining or co-location operation? We have years of experience with large scale deployments and can advise on best practices in various areas
Education Are you a business or individual that is interested in learning more? Reach out


Business Support Are you a SMB that is looking to have a managed IT solution? We offer on-site support in the DMV Metro, and remote support nationally.
Network Review Are you paying rental fees from your ISP? Unsure what package would be ideal for you? Let us review and advise on best practice
System Security Are you concerned that your system or network may be vulnerable? We can assess your overall environment and needs and work with you to develop a complete solution
Network Upgrade Looking to upgrade your overall network performance? We work with Ubiquiti, SonicWall, PFSense and others depending on the environment to bring your network into the 21st century
Backup Are you worried about data loss? We can help with on-site and remote backup solutions, and explain the benefits to each