Accepting Bitcoin As Currency

Accepting Bitcoin As Currency February 23 2018

It’s undeniable that Bitcoin is hot but the biggest problem according to its critics is the ability to actually use Bitcoin as a currency. Accepting payment for services rendered is one of the biggest requirements when categorizing tender as money; when speaking on Bitcoin the question isn’t does it fulfill this requirement but instead how well does it fulfill it? Bitcoin has had great success in becoming a mainstream form of currency with big companies such as Microsoft, Dish Network and Tesla, a leading technology giant accepts Bitcoin for the purchase of their cars, the first one purchased for 100,000 in 2013. Beltway, a betting giant, has high odds on McDonalds accepting Bitcoin in 2018 with other fast food chains not far to follow. As the popularity of Bitcoin increases, so does the demand for usability. Consumers aren’t buying Bitcoin as a useless collectable item, they are investing in a financial revolution and that starts with vendor acceptance.


Here are a few articles about companies accepting Bitcoin:






Dish Network:

New Egg:

Virgin Galactica: