Cryptocurrency: Not Another Brotopia

Cryptocurrency: Not Another Brotopia March 16 2018

Crypotcurrency is a combination of the finance and tech market, two fields dominated by men but with cryptocurrency in its infancy high powered woman are determine not to miss out on the boat. With the copious amount of evidence that companies and fields with a high representation of women have better results, it would be doing everyone a favor if the woman joined in. After a group of woman, including JP Morgan blockchain lead Amber Baldet, bitcoin lawyer Carol Van Cleef, and venture investor Arianna Simpson, attended a cryptocurrency summit where just 7 of the 88 speakers were woman they founded a body called The Collective Future. The Collective Future among other things will be hosting office hours for underrepresented entrepreneurs interested in creating crypto-focused startups and hosting all female panels at a series of Fintech events. Being a member of The Collective Future comes with a pledge called the Blockchain Inclusive and Diversity Pledge, it includes steps to seek out underrepresented groups for investment, hiring opportunities, funding and scholarships, and mentoring. Unlike the creation and development of the internet, which is monopolized by men, woman are determine not to let cryptocurrency be another way for solely men to get rich.


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