Automated Bitcoin Machines, the New ATMs. March 30 2018

The two top questions we are asked are: How do I buy Bitcoin, and, I have Bitcoin, how do I make it into cash now? While there are many ways to do both of these things, one that is becoming more and more popular

Hot vs Cold March 23 2018

So, you have a few Dash or a Bitcoin or some Ripple, now how do you store them? There are two options and what you plan on doing with your crypto is the deciding factor on what kind of storage you want to use. 

Cryptocurrency: Not Another Brotopia March 16 2018

Crypotcurrency is a combination of the finance and tech market, two fields dominated by men but with cryptocurrency in its infancy high powered woman are determine not to miss out on the boat.

Borrow A Bit March 09 2018

Here is something to tell your underwhelmed, naysayer friend about the permanence and legitimacy of cryptocurrency, now you can use your Bitcoin as collateral against a loan.

Why Blockchain Is Bigger Than Bitcoin March 02 2018

Bitcoin is one of 2018’s biggest words and with that blockchain but the conversation about blockchain shouldn’t end with using it to explain cryptocurrency, that would be like explaining the internet by saying it’s used for Facebook.

Accepting Bitcoin As Currency February 23 2018

It’s undeniable that Bitcoin is hot but the biggest problem according to its critics is the ability to actually use Bitcoin as a currency. Accepting payment for services rendered is one of the biggest requirements when categorizing tender as